Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Duet with His Child Self

A step beyond special music and the importance of collaborative worship

It was possibly one of the most touching musical events I have ever seen in a church (and I’ve been to a lot of church). My husband (also UMC clergy) is doing a Marcia McFee ( sermon series entitled “You’ve Got To Be Kidding” centered around Matthew 18: 1-9 and seeing the scriptures through the eyes of children. He shares his sermon plans and thoughts far ahead of time with staff and relevant volunteers to give people time to dream up ideas and put plans into action. 

After learning of the sermon series, a member of the choir shared that he had a recording of himself singing a solo in church when he was nine years old. The music staff and tech staff were able to work with the recording so that a few weeks ago, the gentleman sang a duet with his kid self in worship. Him live one verse, his kid self the next verse and both voices together on the choruses. 

It was a tear-jerker. It was a powerful reminder that the child that we all once were is still inside us. And this captivating musical event was only possible because the pastor shared openly the worship plans, invited others to collaborate and has worked hard to create a safe space for people to share. The weight of powerful worship experiences does not fall on you alone, so long as you welcome others into the process of creating worship. 

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