Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Worship Pet Peeves: Not Doing What You Say

Worship is a like a spectator sport for a consultant. I’ve seen and participated in thousands of worship services. It’s hard to not worship without evaluating, and there are few things that can pull me from the worship moment like leaders not doing what they are saying. 

One of the most common that I see is with the use of “This is Where Children Belong” from The Faith We Sing #2233. With the words “This, this is where children belong, welcomed as part of the worshipping throng” far too many churches send their children out of worship into Sunday School. If “this” is where children belong, why are you sending them out? 
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It’s more appropriate to use the song as you welcome children to come forward to children’s time with the pastor, and use the time when they leave the sanctuary  for the congregation to sing a centering song pre-sermon. 

It seems like a small thing, but doing what we say is an important part of leading authentic worship. As you reflect on your worship service, does it flow, does it follow a sensible path, are you doing what you say? Are you following the worship plan of the previous pastor but not connecting with it, simply because you are afraid that changing it will upset too many people? 

If you are facing worship challenges, consider a few sessions with Whole Soul to discern a worship plan that fits your pastoral style and figure out how to implement it without causing upheaval among your beloved congregation.  

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