Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Crafting Your Website Bios

According to Monk Development, 46% of people say that the website plays a important part when selecting a church.* Churches have finely crafted mission statements, exciting program pages, and hopefully photos of the church in action to give people a sense of what they are walking in to.  Often neglected are the biographies of the pastor and other important leaders (including lay leadership). 

The standard bio is your educational history, family, hobbies and a few other generic details. My guess is that somewhere on your website you celebrate the diversity of the individual and invite people to come and be their authentic, God created selves in your church. How is your biography modeling this individuality and authenticity for your congregation and guests, and is your biography introducing yourself to strangers in a way that makes them want to come and be in ministry with you? 

Provide all the relevant details, but be creative. Bad at math? Secretly love your kids sugary cereals? Always dream of spending a summer living off the grid in Alaska? If you met someone in a bar or coffee shop, would you talk about your Christology or the new ribs recipe you tried for the tailgate last weekend? Where did your passion for ministry come from? Why would someone want to be a part of what you are doing? 

This is one of my favorite restaurants, and they have a great bio page:  Don't you read this and just feel compelled to eat there? Make your biographies so engaging that people feel compelled to be a part of your ministry setting. 

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