Friday, January 8, 2016

Ordination Bible Study

Considering the relationships you are trying to build, you have relatively little time with your Board of Ordained Ministry team to set yourself apart. Many conferences (especially those in proximity to a seminary) have an overflow of candidates. Don’t wait to start making a name for yourself until after ordination, start now! 

When a colleague asks a member of your team about any great candidates, you want your name to be the one they remember. And your Bible study is a great place to start. Know your conference rules, because some require that the study be of a book of the Bible while others are more open about the topic. 

Image result for bible studyGoogle “Bible Study on Paul” or “Bible Study on Genesis”. How many millions of results do you find?  Think meaningfully about your Bible study topic. What can you pull from your life experience, spiritual vision or unique perspective on the scripture that could be developed into a Bible study your team will remember? My ordination Bible study was one a hermeneutic of adoption, or how the scriptures might be interpreted by adopted persons. For example, the story of Moses is a story of adoption and of an adopted man rising up against his adoptive family and reconnecting with his biological roots. What does that say to the adopted 5th grader in Sunday School? How does the emphasis on genealogy in the scriptures impact the adopted person who has no genealogy to connect to?  My team suggested I publish it and I’ve taught it several times as word of mouth spread.  

Your Bible study is more that busywork. It is a powerful way to share your theological perspective and begin to shape your pastoral identity with those who hold your future in your hands. For support in discerning a topic and creating a powerful bible study, consider a few sessions with Whole Soul Consulting. It’s an investment in your future. 

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